Monday, 10 September 2007

Monday Prompts 15:42

It's going to be very terrible, Rabby.

Rear Window

I love you. That's the main thing.

If people turned to stare at me in streetcars.

I arrived yesterday afternoon on what turned out to be the last plane.

I have never been a monk,

Everything looked normal.

Unfurl the bed, vacuum the sheets, pretend nothing happened.


I saw a huge silver bomber, low and slow just wandering around.

I travelled penniless.

I have your little passport picture in my purse.

If this sounds like a poem.

She dreamt she was eating a giant marshmallow

Here, take my last black tulip


The Derby game against Wednesday is Nottingham on Thursday

I do not know who lied, but I lied.

I met my heart in the hospital museum

My father and all his tobacco

I almost love them; they are my children.

I have been dead already. It is dark.

The moving finger writes and having writ can always be tippexed out.

I shall persist.

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