Friday, 7 September 2007

Friday's Prompts, and Stuff

Boot Campers are playing catch-up after the school holidays so have set themselves daily writing targets and daily "writing-before-we-log-on" targets.

I have to log on to post prompts etc but once this is done I disappear until I have written 500 words or a complete flash.



About two nights ago I found myself with four or five of them


Now is poised above time

The Hell with the dogwood


Nothing whatever is by love disbarred.


All the trees (named flamboyante) are scarlet

Perfume, for a briefest moment

Climbing the style with the girls


Women in light summer dresses

If it was grey

And were we innocent then?

When I'm among a blaze of lights

After a while it seems too goddam silly to eat

With tawdry music and guitars

Ths social life here is limited but odd.

And women dawdling through delights

Pelota is the best ball game I ever saw.

And officers in cocktail bars

The Mood Watch

The Car hire office was closed.

Brown-orange, artificial


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