Sunday, 9 September 2007

Prompts 0830 Sunday

There's an awful lot of God in the ordinary bloke

David, David, you couldn't have been named anything else, could you?

At noon, in the dead centre of a faith

It is so lovely and so right.

Plague victims catapulted over castle walls

I am in my workroom but there is no question of work.

A cow and her two calves.

I do not know how to think or what to think.

When I put my ear to the hole.

The unread mail, the patients.

Maud went to college.

First I worked for Hopkins, then there was that book.

The wind, turn your back and push.

I think Ernest was something I deserved.

You may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies.

My mother said once: When you were young, you killed small things.

The Green Man on Hello Street.

And now I will finish this long story.

One night the tide went out, and didn't come in.

1,124 nights.

I must remember where I lay.

It was written on top of my slavery.

The brave do not have to be cruel. They can be gentle.

His name was Robbie Cox, a butcher's son

Light splashed this morning

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