Friday, 28 September 2007

Prompts 07:50

Today, Tuesday, I decided to move on

There may be flaws in this whole, if examined too closely

Peejay & the Strange Seed

The mouth has slackened, and the chin

It lately happened that I found myself rambling about

We come in peace from the third planet


We brushed the dirt off, held it to the light

Mother Tongue

The two beautiful hawthorn-trees, the hedge, the turf

One Man, Five Days

an ugly, dark monster of a tunnel

and all those buttercups and daisies

When I had been let out at the platform door

We have paid you in the year

I left the place with a heavy heart for a walk all over the town


Of what use on earth is a single man?

A was an Archer and shot at a frog

Coming into Chatham


I can see back to my very earliest days

She was skilled in music, and the dance


The seven day war that put the world to sleep


Ice on the window. the dogs whimper

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