Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday Promptsat 0900

Pick up a copy

There are things I cannot prove

I have to do this

One day Robert-Robert awoke with a cold.

The doctor has warmed the speculum in her latex-gloved hand

It is clear we are at a crossroads

I remember your fat, blubbery shoulders, the freckles, the way you swam slowly

Zulus boxed in their glass cases

When I am asked I say I'm a quiet lad. I pick no fights.

There are more pigs than people

The first time I saw Annie

Sure, there are minor inconveniences

New York City all the way

She's so close the air feels compressed

A lonely old mother died and left her sprawling house to her twin daughters, Chalk & Cheese.

A row of white crosses

Once upon a time, a single language

Picture me resplendent

The school sat among maples on a hillside

My mother is sleeping

I think I'm still pretty good-looking, considering, I mean.

Contrary to popular belief, people think during sex

I've made the final cut.

Cold. Grey dawn breaking in a thin, silver line

The first picture is of oak trees in spring.

So, apart from a couple of hitches, Plan A was working out fine.

I learned to write in school five years before they came.

We sized each other up and decided to be best friends.

Always be aware of your hair.

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