Saturday, 8 September 2007

Prompts 0600 September 9th

There was once another country

Barrels of chains

Darling this letter is secret equals US Top Secret

Families, Tribes, Nations

Something unbelievable has happened. I have fallen in love.

Bracken, Gorse

The Radio station is filled with goats

It starts in the pub, in a back room

I know so little about all this, due to my failed and sheltered life.

Not even bishops

Bewildered, frightened, rather wobbly.

Severn drunks talking

Four days later I am able to sleep again (via Secconal)

The time of fools is coming

Tell me lies about Vietnam

I am elated and in despair

Take a length of steel

Could you kill a man? Eventually...

A bird, no song

I did not have to make any excuses or say anything

Not in the top ten

Near the fickle Post Office

From Israel, hoping.

I am irrevocably opposed to marrying anyone

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