Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Back! But to WORK?

This is supposed to be diarising Boot Camp, so here goes...

We had a chance of a short family break, free flight, free hotel in Berlin so we went. I was flying before we left and managed to get ahead of 1K a day because I prsumed I wouldn't be able to write while over there, and worse, as often happens, when the momentum goes, it's hard to get back on the bike.

So here I am, so not in the mood it's silly. Not a word written yet today.

Days off are never regained. It's so much better to just keep grinding out the work, making writing just something you do every day like eating, drinking...

I've been reading poetry, at least, and reading explanations of those poems that have left me worse off than if I had no guide... dammit!... but at least it's writing work (of a kind)

At least we have a story-deadline Friday (so tomorrow I HAVE to write a story)


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