Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Nightwriter writes: Good to be back

Writing for Bootcamp

Just got back from a week’s holiday enjoying the sea breezes of mid Wales and it’s time to get back to work and back to writing. With most on-line writers groups the thing to do when you’re back is to have a good natter about your hols and catch up on all the gossip while you’ve been away. Then you realise the evening has passed and you haven’t actually written anything or commented on anybody else’s work but hey there’s always tomorrow isn’t there?

Not so on Bootcamp. There was a primaries deadline just before Easter so I know the first task will be to critique stories that have been sent round by email on Good Friday. Some of us may have been allowed to go on holiday but the place doesn’t shut down.

So my first post is a crit. Then I have a look in the chat room – two Bootcampers have come first and third respectively in a recent national short story competition. And there’s a reminder from Alex that we should all be subbing as much as possible during April so now I need to go and update my subs list and see what I can add to it.

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