Sunday, 22 April 2007

Prompts and Stats

First thing Sunday morning the crit-count for
this minor deadline week's five stories was -



That's him in the green, cotton journey

The mountains are tinder dry, the man said, so only set fire to them if you're bored.

You may have read that we are vicious hunters

Holly, there's something wrong with yer dog

I'm standing here inside my skin


Where I'd press fur and feathers if I could

Twenty-four hour care

Oblique light on the trie, on brick and tile

Blink twice for "I hate Cardiff City!"

When all this is over, I will learn to paint


I am an old dog afraid of bones


When Shadows were better than outside

She does not know me anymore

There are worse jobs

Blackpool or Paris? Another close decision.

There are grass stains on their white stockings

Wind-surfing to the Moon

Just one of those things that city folk don't notice

The future tense is partly underwater

There's a lot of good stuff chucked out

I'd always found him innoffensive

The Condiments trickster

The Cave Man Who Woke up Talking

Back in my fifties, fatter

Boy in a wet red t-shirt

How to hide a river, steal a lake

Fresh Apples, Occasional Drugs, Poor sex

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