Monday, 16 April 2007

A Very Special Set of prompts

Today, especially for you, some deep, meaningful, inspirational story prompts: any thoughts, or are you overwhelmed?

These are not ordinary prompts. These are not dumb lines cut from poems, not the words of dead letter-writers.

99% of these are specially selected (BY THE PUBLISHERS) and highlighted (BY THE PUBLISHERS) bolded, italic, in a different colour to "spice up" a story and to excite the reader into reading the story NOW.

These are selected from 31 Stories, all in the same "literary journal". To help the reader and aspiring writer all 31 stories have the same identical or near-identical voice, the same rhythm. It shouldn't be too difficult to combine ALL these prompts into one story if you felt so inclined.

Please note, despite the literary pleasure this et of prompts will bring you, I did NOT make the selection myself, did not decide to mine for diamonds. I repeat, these sentences were specially selected by the editors of this literary journal, bolded, coloured, italicised, for your delictation.

It was a hot morning in late July and the Everly Brothers' number-one hit, Bye Bye Love was blaring out over the fairground as the maintenance team inspected the rides before opening to the public.

Only a bully would pick on a young lad like that.

There was so much pain in his dark eyes.

She sighed as she looked around her perfect house. So why was she so dissatisfied?

I didn't want to be spotted by any of my friends.

Jimmy knew the old days had gone for ever

He must have followed me home from the bank

Dodging the rain in kiss-me-quick hats with fish and chips

A train ride back along the longest pier in the world

Molly put her arm round him and lay her head in his.

Bill and Toby weren't just friends; they were inseparable.

She was in shock. He'd be home from his travels in just hours - but were they truly made for each other?

All day she tried to make her mind up, but she was still confused.

All the time these photos have been coming he has seemed more distant

Silly to keep them she'd never use them again

Perhaps someone had taken a wrong turning in the dark

I always keep my jewellery in the bread oven.

He finally realised he was destined for the single life

Ken seemed oblivious to his lack of social skills

The phone call had changed everything

She recalled that 363 was shy and very young.

Why was the old bird sticking in her heels?

Jessica's hand crept into hers and warmed her hand

Her eyes were still shining with delight all the way home.

In the evenings he became a different person.

Suddenly the doors opened and out marched the chef

The story goes that one day the miller just vanished

They could feel a draught of fresh air coming from ahead of them.

She was getting her message across at last

The faint strains of Chopin wafted through the walls.

I'm getting on now, but there's life in the old dog yet

You try thinking of enough boys' names for 147 gnomes

Tom looked forlornly out the window.

I became restless just staying in one place for so long

Words that would tie me down for life came hurtling at me.

Tom was spellbound by the guitar

Geoff meant well and she did enjoy his company

Twice you could have used that triple-letter square

Think like your opponent and it's anyone's game.

Life was getting more of a struggle these days.

I was past caring - wearily I waved my magic wand.

There's only so much cleaning you can do.

I'm not sure the young mums knew what to make of me.

I had no roots until you and dad came and rescued me.

Saving up for the car had killed her social life

In her rear-view mirror she saw the Austin tailing them.

Katy hated plants, or rather they hated her. But all that was to change...

There I was, brought to my knees by houseplants

She'd lost her temper - literally! Downtrodden Denise just couldn't get angry until...

I can feel the temper swell up inside of me.

You can't imagine how it feels to be up there on stage

Suddenly, there he was, jitterbugging towards her.

It was her duty as a mother to protect her son

I frighten myself sometimes, I'm so loud.

I finally found a recipe I could understand

I had no idea what he wanted but I'd have to pay

Max had never seen anyone without teeth

I still couldn't believe how horribly easy it had been.

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