Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wednesday Morning Prompts

He was captured in the valley of the women

Barrels of Chains.

it was late September. I'd just poured a glass of wine

Frogs on Parade

The groans men use, when a woman passes

A Conspiracy of Cats

Her name I may or may not have, made up


Let me never have her father call me

The Elephant Cinema

I'll be a wicked old woman, thin as a rail

Fleas having Fleas

I want a red dress, I want it flimsy and cheap

Sid is Vicious

There but for the clutch of luck go I

The Elders

Books on female circumsion = slit-clit-lit?

From Honour to Honour

Please can I have a man who wear corduroy

A Perplexity of Penises

I am going to leave you, he said, very politely


Every Day God Pats Me on the Head

I did not imagine being bald

Fying, darling, is the easy bit

When I was a goldfish you never noticed me

If I was not myself, I would be somebody else

he was no longer my father, but I was still his son

The pond was a deep pond once

Tom Cat

The small fine rain came rushing over

An Endlessness of Funereal Steps

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