Friday, 20 April 2007

is Lit-Fic Insular?

There's a discussion going on in Boot Camp about whether serious-fiction writers are limited in their subject matter.

I answered with this list of stories/subjects (about a quarter of my ouvre)

1939, four sisters, a rogue screwing them all.

An old soldier on the train to London has a heart attack.

A wide boy with money meets a classy PA for sex.

A once-international grandfather with heart trouble has the chance to see three grandsons play at The Arms Park

A man reflects on pornography v love both as metaphors for literature

A baker and his supervisor vie for a widow's heart in wartime London

A bitter divorcee drives across America, a lump growing in his hand.

A mental patient, once abused, talks to her dead mother.

A man is posessed every day for a week by a different writer

A man inherits impossible riches and starts a company to search for the end of the rainbow

An uptight accountant who always wears grey starts to crack...

A man, on his 50th goes in search of his first love (a bitch) and meets her daughter

A strange man discovers a wall with sticks protruding, messages...

A pizza delivery boy mercy-kills a ballerina who has a tumour

A man and his son on a mountain top, below a dark fog obliterates

A woman discovers she has an illness, seduces a lighthouse keeper

Some children make crossbows to murder a tramp

Briefly, the inhabitants of a street become weightless

The last but one living member of the 1966 World Cup team writes...

A writer meets his great grandfather's bastard son

A boy starts carrying schoolmates, 1, 2, 3, 4, more, then...

A man believes someone is living in his garage

A young man, desperate for first sex, the day Kennedy died.

A prostitute falls for Custer, a few days before Little Big Horn

A boy writes to the girls who do his laundry

A cow becomes a sentient being as it walks to the slaughterhouse

A wife has taken pills, her husband sleeps next to her...

A fading writer meets an old pupil

A possessed (or?) mexican falls in love in the asylum, she dies, he runs.

A business man is trapped underground with the terrorist who set the bomb

A man goes back home to try and understand why he keeps fucking up

A man on a bus meets the dead Denis Potter

A woman leaves her husband and six children, finds herself, returns.

An "aesthete" falls down a well. his spirit guide is coarse...

A man at lunch mishears a woman, thinks it's a sexual advance

After a shooting, one man starts a crusade to get rid of guns

A crazy group of idiots try new things with fatal results

Two brothers agree to fight to the death for insurance money

A baby, just before it's born, sees how far it can crawl...

A woman meets a martian, now THIS is sex

A crash survivor is jealous of another's press

William Shakespeare 2006 speaks to his agent

A White guy and a pakistani become friends

A private investigator in Hell...

A philosphical question, what are we after we are ut back together?

A woman is raped, and "ruined"

A writer has a stroke. Should the reader save him?

A hostage taker in the local gym.

A man follows the route decided by his dead brother

A man is stalked by a killer. Or is he?

An almost-rape and then a murder. Hypocrisy.

A bar-maid is courted over ten years by a customer

An archeologist gets the ultimate revenge when he is cuckolded.

The women in the office conspire for payback...

A man is seduced by America, then killed by it.

A man surfs souls at night...

A terminally ill man talks to a barmaid

A football match, the crowd starts chanting seig heil!

A man in mid-life travels to an island to die, almost saved by love

A Nobel prize-winner remembers his awkward teens, his first wife

A woman begins to morph into a giant hamster

A man in a Persistent Vegetative State dreams or time-travels?

A pissed off sentient cat writes to an editor...

A yuppie befriends an odd-job man, changes

The devil spams Frank, because he wants to apologise

A man with post-traumatic stress buries his mother in law...

An assisted suicide in a Montreaux Clinic, reflections on being alive

A man thinks his father abused his sister, maybe.

A boy hero, but the reward is cruel

An accountant working for the Devil...

A child KNOWS Santa is real...

Four widowers go fishing in Brighton, and...

The diary of the last survivor in Antarctica...

The servant, the Lord of the manor, the children...

A man obsesses over a cat, loses a woman

A Russian-American brings his wayward son to granddad...

Two double glazing men, one is being seduced by his daughter

A negotiator works the blurred edges between humans and ghouls

A woman finally released from jail, can she rebuild her life?

An Iraqui boy, a photographer, lots of dead Americans...

An Englishman is conned via the internet, murders...

Wales 2050 and the annual sacrifice of a singer...

A writer recalls when he set fire to a woman's dress...

An old man, a young one, some workers, play football in the sun

A depressed man tries to teach his son to fly a kite

Two runners, betrayal, one dies

A man reflects on how little he cares about his sister dying

A crazy story about a manic writing group in Halifax, a gas-leak...

A missionary loses his wife and child to crocodile attack

Lady Diana's murder...

A toilet inhabited by a malevolent ghost

A world where people want dogs, children are substitutes for the real thing

A writer pisses on a stack of J K Rowling books

A city broker has a secret room.

A letter from the dead husband...

A traditionalist wants REAL measurements back

A man comes home, senses his wife's lover has just left.

A wedding goes gloriously wrong

A very strange roomance at a motorway service station

The devil offers women a way...

The US governent starts kidnapping midgets.

Two hostages try to keep their pecker up thinking of British things

How a tsunami survivor survied

An old man reflects on his mentor, a mining disaster...

A soldier writes to his wife, he's been a coward and...

A granddad watching kids' soccer, rushes on to the pitch...

A fireman returns from holiday. Only his children are alive...

Four disabled soldiers run a marathon

A man reflects on underwear and life

A woman has a magic credit card.

A woman gets lost in the jungle and discovers chocolate

A waster, on the road, but she's pregnant...

A woman is discovered by the "age police"

A man-hunting woman reflects on her bad luck

A man who lost his wife and child sets out round the world.

Marilyn Monroe went into hiding, now she really Is dying.

An inarticulate man reflects on his bad love-luck

A story about the woman who couldn't say no

A wild story about a Latvian woman and her lovers

An allegory, prairie dog life

A questionaire, but really about love.

A black guy almost makes it

Her husband has a heart attack watching grandstand, she lets him die, it's better.

A man falls into an open grave...

A child is walking towards a paedophile's open door

A boy falls into a ditch full of thorns, and...

A guy meets Marilyn the day she decides to aim for the big time

A British family at home, the daughter's husband has been sentenced to fifty years in an African jail...

Heaven, and Judas is one of the good guys...?

A man cannot understand why he doesn't have strong feelings for...

He's running away, finds a wrecked car on a mountain road...

Soldiers reflect on small blessings

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