Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The Requisite Number of Cylinders

Busy times away from the computer and TWO school-runs before ten o'clock this morning, but the words are forced out, nevertheless.

0,564 Words Flash Sunday
0,480 Words Flash Monday
0,403 Words Poem Monday
1,064 Words Article Monday
0,492 Words Poem Tuesday
0,362 Words Poem Tuesday/Wednesday
3,200 Words Article Thursday
1,596 Words Story Thursday
1,006 Words Story extended Friday & Flash
0,000 Words Saturday
0,682 Words Sunday (Two Poems)
1,914 Words Monday (Article)
6,797 Words Thursday (Stories, Article, Story)
0,200 Words Friday (Poem)
0,300 Words Saturday (Poem)
0,563 Words Sunday
4,437 Words Thursday (two stories)
0,357 Words Sunday (poem)
3,088 Words Tuesday (Article)
0,843 Words Tuesday (story-part)

29,243 Words Total April 24th 15:28

5,243 Words ahead of schedule (and loads of subs this month)

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