Thursday, 26 April 2007

What is it About Pain?

Inside my head they are doing a remake of Zulu. I feel like I have the worst hang-over ever (but I haven't been drinking) and yet out pops another poem.

30,546 words, 546 words beyond monthly target.

Demolished by monthly subs target, also (doubled it)

which is just as well as shortly I will be exploding.


Lexie said...

Sorry about the exploding head. Too many words trying to get out?

When you get "tweaked" by an idea, do you know immediately whether it's going to be a flash story or a poem? Or do you start writing and see what happens? (I know some writers use pen and paper for poetry and a keyboard for prose, which implies they know which they are writing ...)

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

NOW it comes as a flash idea or a poem idea but until recently I wouldn;t have been sure. I;ve had poems which have made beter flashes and flashes which tightened into poems.

Sometimes, of course, you can get both from the same idea.


Lexie said...

It sometimes seems easy to treat poems as way to deal with an idea you don't want to waste, but which isn't "big" enough for a story. Maybe it comes with a voice but not specific characters, or as a "moment" without movement.

But I'm sure that's wrong. Doesn't a good poem need everything that a good story has, but not necessarily show it all to the reader?