Thursday, 12 April 2007

Thursday Prompt Special

USE at least four of these prompts, either word-for-word, or word-order changed, or just the idea, but listen to the sounds, listen to the feelings, see what happens when you read it all over and over, put phrases together, swallow and wallow, don't just look. If the pictures do anything, feel free to use them, but they're really just there to break up the text

There's enough here for the poetry prompts too.


My people pass through gardens untouched

that's why, so freely, we call it our own

there are places in Wales I don't go

She makes a quiet breakfast for herself

Yes, that is the door, and behind it they live

lovers seek refuge in succulent flesh

music, on fat-bellied instruments

collops of dog, gobbets of pig

teenagers fleeing to their rooms

of the forests, smashed faces, of the farms, stone trickle

open a map of middle-England

he seemed a hollow oak-trunk, covered with ivy

coffee steam making the van windows misty

old damp soaks through the wallpaper

Everyone hates the English, including the English

Dai K lives at the end of a valley

and the road runs down through the empty gate

though you'd be pressed, exactly, to say where

I place my hope on the water

One morning early I met armoured cars

we worked nights as machine operators

the square where they burned books, it is beautiful

we will know where they are by their absence

language is the house with lamplight in its windows

there are moments when it seems to me, I've squandered my life

what are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?

he walks briskly, out to infect a city

our dogs, silent, moving like shadows on the wall

comets, eclipses, tremors, forest fires

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