Thursday, 26 April 2007

Firday's Prompts

Strawberries being bubbled in great vats

4-3 in the last minute

We knew those adult rumours just weren't true

A sergeant found him gutted like a fish

The first rain slaps the leaves like slow applause

It's time for tea and biscuits, no-one comes

Mother and daughter, German refugees

Hotel towels, stolen spoons

The fate of a failed ballerina

Comrade, with your finger on the switch

In haste they tossed the bodies in the wells

Some bastard's trying to cure my paranoia

Newcastle Brown

The parrot at the top of the class

His home address was inked inside his cap

The ambulance, the hearse, the auctioneers

I thought it made me look more working class

My writing desk, two photos, Mum & Dad

All day till it grows dark I sit and stare

Death is in the house but I'm out here

The plumber glues some lengths of PVC

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