Thursday, 12 April 2007

Catching Up, Getting Better

Two radical rewrites so far today.

One cuts 650 words the other ADDED words, new stories so different I class them as new stories.

See, even when the fresh juice isn't there you can always squeeze oranges.

Plus three subs this morning (25 for the month)


mind you it won't look like that for long...

0,564 Words Flash Sunday
0,480 Words Flash Monday
0,403 Words Poem Monday
1,064 Words Article Monday
0,492 Words Poem Tuesday
0,362 Words Poem Tuesday/Wednesday
3,200 Words Article Thursday
1,596 Words Story Thursday
1,006 Words Story extended Friday & Flash
0,000 Words Saturday
0,682 Words Sunday (Two Poems)
1,914 Words Monday (Article)
2,224 Words Thursday (Stories)

13,884 Words Total April 12th 10:03

1,884 Words ahead of schedule

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