Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Crit Round-Up and Stuff

Primary Session finished as follows. Interesting that the most discussed story had one less crit


We've also critiqued and discussed a story from a top author.

I couldn't write yesterday/today but have been on a submissions binge. Have now exceeded my monthly subs target by 55% and have my highest number of "out there"'s ever. Thuis is what comes from writing a lot but NT subbing and then finding you havean overflowing hard-disk.

Throw in a lost spreadsheet and I've had to search everywhere trying to work out what has been subbed where.


Boot Campers now up to 108 subs for the month

Three days now and there's another (minor) deadline.

In my own case, it's lucky I got ahead of schedule for word-count as two days with a rotten head cold have dragged me back into the realms of mortals.

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