Friday, 13 April 2007

Early Start, But SOMETHING!

Most of today in hospital I should think, so up early, post some prompts and squeeze out a poem:

0,564 Words Flash Sunday
0,480 Words Flash Monday
0,403 Words Poem Monday
1,064 Words Article Monday
0,492 Words Poem Tuesday
0,362 Words Poem Tuesday/Wednesday
3,200 Words Article Thursday
1,596 Words Story Thursday
1,006 Words Story extended Friday & Flash
0,000 Words Saturday
0,682 Words Sunday (Two Poems)
1,914 Words Monday (Article)
6,797 Words Thursday (Stories, Article, Story)
0,200 Words Friday (Poem)

18,655 Words Total April 13th 07:25

5,655 Words ahead of schedule

Better to have done SOMETHING. kept the blood moving, the sparks quietly sparking, than to use hospital as an excuse. Now I might manage a story this evening, because the day is a WRITING day (already.)



Not enough time to write, but time to send out subs, so reached my monthly target and then subbed one more!

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