Friday, 20 April 2007

That's SO Much Better

I usually watch "Neighbours" as I grab my lunch but today I was way later and there was a one-off drama on about donor-parents.

I've watched too many crappy "Afternoon Plays" (they make Chick-Lit look heavy) so I didn't expect much of this one.


Just want to say, what a lovely little play. For once they didn't feel the need to spell out every damn emotion (fuck me a producer who understands show-not-tell) or surround every glitzy, shallow moment with a pop song.

Well done the writer and the actors/producer/director.

I can only compare this very good production (and some sweet acting) with a recent much-vaunted "one-off" which i thought was utter tripe.

So all is NOT (quite) lost.


PS two stories in for tonight's deadline, two crits already!

And not a recipe in sight.


Yen said...

You watch Neighbours every day then criticise the quality of some one-off dramas? Shakes head in disbelief.

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Did I say I LIKE Neighbours?

Learn to READ before you jump in with two big feet.

I used to get up very early, write two thousand words, prepare my lunch while the One O'Clock News was on, then crash for 25 minutes in front of the box MINDLESSLY before starting on admin, emails, rewriting etc.

And anyway, I would say Neighbours is STRONGER than every one of those Afternoon Plays.

Sure, it's a soap but it's dealt with some solid issues (and done it well) just like East Enders at its best is fine drama.

Problem with soaps is that the strong stories are surrounded by "keep it ticking over" stories.


Yen said...

Did I accuse you of liking Neighbours? I said 'You watch Neighbours...' Maybe you should learn to read.

Touchy aren't we?

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

It's CONTEXT, Dearie.

You didn't say "like" but you IMPLIED a lot.

You watch Neighbours every day then criticise the quality of some one-off dramas? Shakes head in disbelief.

A reader with common-sense, quite rightly reads the above as IMPLYING that condemnation of The Afternoon Play and watching Neighbours are contradictions.

Maybe I just fancy Sky?

My wife thinks it's hilarious that I watch lunch-time Neighbours because every day I moan about the plot being telegraphed or a piece of bad acting, or whatever.

It's a family tradition, 'tis'alll


It is still better than those Afternoon Plays.

They are feeble, crap, cliched stories with ludicrous plots smothered in pop music.

Better than womags. Just.