Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Giving Things Away?

Received an email this morning asking me why I'm "giving all these articles away for free"...

Well there's a many-faceted answer.

First, many of these articles have been published in The New Writer, The Internet Writer's Journal, The Dublin Quarterly, Cambrensis, Eclectica (see today's), Seventh Quark and so on.

Second, they reflect my attitudes to writing, reflect the ongoing ethos within BC (so act as an advert for BC). We've had three new members since this blog started!

Third, maybe at some point, some publisher with half a brain will want to collect these. Or I might decide to publish the collections via One Finger Press.

Fourth, how could I let a week go by without having a dig at womag stories?



Marzipan said...


Just to say that I, for one, am finding the articles you publish on here to be priceless.

I've just read 'Getting to the Heart' in my coffee break. Wonderful stuff. There is more in this one article to help me than in the whole of my recent creative writing course.

I just wanted you to know that this blog means a lot to at least one anonymous beginner.

So, thanks.

Tonight I will go home and write something.


Kathmcg said...

Oh God, no, don't let a week go by without a dig at womag writers. That would be tragic.

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Thanks Marzipan

That of course will be the icing on the cake.


The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Kath the greatest "go" at womag writers is the womag writers themselves.

here is an example... April

First crappy paragraph.

I had to kill the vicar's wife - she'd seen and heard too much for my peace of mind. My life was getting far too complicated with burglary, blackmail, and now murder.

Ignore the three cliches. As soon as I read this I KNEW that this would be a twist in the tail. Either the writer was a crime-writer or it's the local drama group play.

The text does NOTHING. The whole purpose is to place a chunk of words between that opener and the ending


wife should try her hand at writing crime fiction...

and she sends a kiss down the phone...