Wednesday, 11 April 2007

TomC - a fruitless Wednesday evening

You get nights like this. I just can't do anything. I have the opportunity - peace and quiet, no hassles, no problems, ideal time to sit down and WRITE something. But I'm buggered if I can. It's frustrating. One of the good things about blogging, I suppose, is that you can thrash something out on those. Over on my own blog, I've just done 600 words or so on a review of a book I've recently finished. Not totally useful, in learning terms, but at least it was words about writing - it was on-topic, even if I wasn't writing my own stuff or critting those of my BC colleagues.

But not to sound dispirited. BC has had a good couple of days with hits - AK has listed below - and it's great to hear of members having success. I'll be thinking about that tomorrow, when I will - I WILL - write something.

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