Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Admit it, You're an Idiot!

One of the big problems with teaching creative writing is that almost all neophytes imagine they are far FAR better than they are, and (especially on the internet) dare to tell them that they are NOT and risk their wrath.

It's bizarre that this happens in and around writing but not much in other fields. The soccer player soon realises how far off he is from being a top pro. The fledgling piano student has to spend years on scales, learning music, exam after exam, maybe 15 years before being HALF good (and still not a genius.)

Brain Surgeon? Yeah, just get a degree in 4-5-6 years, then serve a couple more on about 90 hours a week, then a few more working with a consultant. Now you might be ready to work under supervision.

If a teacher tells you you really are shitty, that shouldn't be a problem. You should realise that ALL beginners are crap. Your teacher was an idiot, too. It's false hopes, unrealistic views that are dangerous. These are made worse by false praise, people being kind (which actually means they are cruel), and worst of all, the self-congratulatory praise in 99% of internet "writing groups" followed up by cross-publishing each other. Have you ever looked at the qualifications of that particular editor of that particular ezine? Have you ever wondered how big that competition was that X won?

Anyway, I found this today, by Ezra Pound.

The scientist does not expect to be acclaimed as a great scientist until he has discovered something. He begins by learning what has been discovered already. He goes from that point onward. He does not bank on being a charming fellow personally. He does not expect his friends to applaud the results of his freshman class work. Freshmen in poetry are unfortunately not confined to a definite and recognisable class room. They are "all over the shop". Is it any wonder the public is indifferent to poetry?

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