Saturday, 7 April 2007

Hooray, Hooray, It's a Holi-Holi-day

Well yeah, if you exclude the primary stories to finish critiquing this morning (4 of 7 done last night) and posting these prompts.

I love the sensation of using poetry books to generate prompt-phrases. This is a great tip for block BTW. Just flick through any good anthology and copy out twenty random lines, lines that obviously "caught your eye"

Write them out, print the list. squeeze them, shuffle them, and if a story doesn't present itself with all thos fantastiv voices, check your pulse.


down by one of the fish houses


The tinkle of cannons


Finally, the last one to know.

I have eaten the Haribo

The Amazing Debut of Wilberforce Smith

The Book

He's gay isn't he?

Bread and Dripping, Salt, The Smell of Old Dappers

Nobody in the lane and nothing, nothing but blackberries

Knitted Swimming Trunks

Your heartbeat, flew like a startled bird


soaked for forty-eight hours

In Raglan Lane, in the gentle rain, I saw dark love again


Maggie's taking care of a man who's dying

If Dad

his beautiful, not quite dutiful, wife

You weren't well, or really ill yet either

I will place three crosses

splashes through the disinfectant tray

the Elvis impersonator dreams

Come into the garden, Maud

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