Friday, 6 April 2007

SUMPED but Still Ahead!

0,564 Words Flash Sunday
0,480 Words Flash Monday
0,403 Words Poem Monday
1,064 Words Article Monday
0,492 Words Poem Tuesday
0,362 Words Poem Tuesday/Wednesday
3,200 Words Article Thursday
1,596 Words Story Thursday
1,006 Words Story extended Friday & Flash

9,064 Words Total April 6th 22:42

3,064 words ahead of schedule. I really can't complain as today I was on gardening duty then hit something on the way to the municipal dump and probably damaged the oil-sump (it started leaking, I had to dump it at a garage, ring for a lift home.)

But HEY, I sat reading a Bloodaxe Poetry Collection "Staying Alive", sitting in the sun, sipping Blueberry Ribena.

My story? It's very rare that I can't peg EXACTLY how good or bad a story is, even my own, but this one came with "the wrong voice" or something and I thought yesterday it was complete, but it nagged, nagged, nagged at me.

In my mind it was telly, cold, and (for me) quite poor, but when I read it I could feel an ache. Those two facts should not go together. I almost never change a story (edit/tinker but CHANGE, not me) but this one needed surgery, something I just don't do.

But I did.

It will be interesting to look at this one and how it does.

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