Wednesday, 4 April 2007


A couple on publications, one each for two BC ladies, Chick Flicks and Smokebox, taking us to 30 so far this year, about ten a month... quiet(ish) but still getting the stuff out there..

And two more hits for "JJ" a flash accepted by Smokebox, and a commended in Leaf Book's latest Poetry Comp (and a place in the anthology.

Me. today I installed a new network at Kingfisher Barn, plus "Apple TV" (more on that later) then had some sort of yuck corruption problem on one of the machines and had to spend hours trouble-shooting and then re-installing the operating system. The day just WENT and this bug gets worse, not better, now a chest infection, so now I'm 700 words behind for the month.

Spooky time... Apple TV is a damn neat box that links wirelessly into the network and allows one home computer to be synched to the households main TV and others to "stream" on demand.

Started getting used to the hardware/software and it began uploading my iTunes. Suddenly, it's about midnight when I hear someone talking in the next room. Turns out it's me with a really naff recording of a short-story I wrote, coming out of the TV speakers...

I won't be able to sleep tonight..

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