Sunday, 1 April 2007

I Do NOT Believe it!

How many minutes ago did I mention "Trigger's Broom"?

My more serious stuff is dealt with by my agent SP who is based in Paris. She's just been on the phone to say The New Yorker is taking it (and for silly money)!!!

Woo Hoo

And is this a first? She has my "serious novel" which God knows how many British Publishers are umming and ah-ing over, but a FRENCH House is prepared to bring it out in French first.

If I say yes, It will be called Le Sac à Main De L'Auteur Mauvais

I'm still thinking about that one.

Alex (can I go back to bed now?)


Zen said...

Hey Alex, that is great news. I read the New Yorker stories most weeks, looking forward to yours.

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Thanks Zen and congrats on your BBC news

Zen said...

Just relised what day it is. Don't speak (or read for that matter) French is this an april fools?

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Sacre Bleu!


Non, Monsieur...

Zoe said...

About bloody time! You've been talking about New Yorker ever since I've known you. (Was it 1837?) Huge 'grats.