Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sunday's Poetry Prompts

If they're crap, blame this fucking virus.

Deal today is TWO poems (about the same idea/feeling) but they must be very different deliveries

a sonnet and a haiku or whatever.

or write a poem containing four trigonometry terms

or write a poem that starts with a famous line and ends with a famous line from another poem... (should this turn out to be a wothwhile poem you can change the lines in your redraft.) The lines should inspire the poem not just be accidentally there

or (titles)

Clock, Clock

The Ship of Aeschylus or Trigger's Broom

if you don't know about the ship Google it... it's a wonderful philosphical concept but can be applied to life too.

I have a story "Trigger's Broom" based on the same idea (I would take it in a flash for 7Q but it remains unpubbed

Maybe it's because it starts:

Some say The Ship of Theseus is a paradox, but I wouldn’t. Like the book says, a paradox is an apparently true statement that seems to lead to a logical self-contradiction, or to a situation that contradicts common intuition. The identification of a paradox based on seemingly simple and reasonable concepts has often led to significant advances in science.

Har Har

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