Sunday, 1 April 2007


I feel terrible. Lem-Sips barely touch this one. Everything aches but my lower back is actual PAIN.

Fuck! Last month I only managed 25,000 words (but I subbed for England) and my target for this month (as well as running every day) is to write the month's 30K minimum AND make up the shortfall from March. Talk about digging a hole and jumping in. Maybe some BCers will get some hits and cheer me up.

Someone else posted a set of prompts today:


It's a Fool's Game

Hit me with your rhythm stick

Any Dream Will Do

The woman who melts in my mouth, not in my hands

March Winds and April Showers

My Year in Pictures

The Donkey Sanctuary

A Long Walk to Freedom

Leading Man

My Vines have tender grapes

Demise of the Beanie Baby

Mattie and Mattie

A Host of Golden Buttercups


The Trials of Job

Confessions of a photocopier

The Time of the Singing of Birds is Come

The Alternative Service Book

I LOVE that picture! (Don't care if I posted it yesterday)

So does my wife Imelda.

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