Monday, 2 April 2007

You Can Come Second Next Year!

Here are today's poetry prompts


This exercise comes from Lois Peterson's 101 Writing Exercises, slightly embellished by me.

Take a favourite poem, or one picked at random from a collection, and type it up exactly as written. Type double-space or treble space to give you room to write between the lines

Between each line now write YOUR line, a new one that might or might not realte to the one above (or below for that matter) - anything that comes to mind.

Now delete the original lines and work with the poem you've created, changing words, their order, inserting or deleting new line breaks or stanza breaks, doing whatever it takes to make this ne w poem YOURS.


a poem about three wives


a poem containing at lest two of thes words, preferably more

genius, nettle, stove, print, light

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