Thursday, 22 March 2007

Meaningful limericks

4 (I think this is impossible) write a meaningful limerick.

They say that in love, all is fair
but it's really a con trick, I swear
one of life's fabrications
by clothes corporations
to make us buy new underwear

The lustful choir sang when we wed
The gown we had chosen was red
We quoted John Donne
Drank champagne in the sun.

Two years on, you are distant in bed.

1 comment:

Alex Keegan said...

I can't get serious because of the ditty-sound of the rhythms. I wonder if there are any serious limericks by famous people?

Here was my one.

It broke the ice for me and I got two poems out afterwards (and that's what matters, not the odd failure but the successes we get from the release of "just writing"

Hey Look, Iran!

A couple of morons called Bush
Sent soldiers into the Hindu Kush
They killed and they raped
And then they escaped
To rest for the next Christian push.