Friday, 23 March 2007

not writing a story is not an option

driving home today from work i realised i wasn't going to manage a story for primaries. just no time, cos of work stuff, and family stuff, and life stuff. deadline 9pm. not a hope.

but but but...

managed to find ten minutes which turned into half an hour which turned into a story

and it's bad

i know it's bad

but that's not the point, the way i see it.

in bootcamp, you write. and people crit what you write. and we learn through critting eachothers stuff

so if i don't write a story, there are less stories to crit, so - you know - that's bad

it's an obligation, the way i see it

so i wrote a story, and i know it's pretty bad, but at least i KNOW it's bad (two years ago i would have thought it was pretty good, actually...)

and now there's another story to crit for everyone else, to test out their critting skillls - will they spot that it's bad? (well, yeah, they will...)

and i've got another 1000 words on the wordcount

and i wrote a story that no matter how bad has something in it that might, in the long run, turn into something else not quite as bad (actually there are at least two ideas in there that i like)

so driving home i felt like shit cos i wasn't going to write something

and now i've written a bad story, i feel much better about things

this bootcamp, it's a weird place

now i'm going to print off some stories and crit them, glass of cheap wine ready to help out.

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The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Amen to that.

and sometimes we surprise ourselves and the last minute, last-ditch story works out to be a goodie.

I burned myself out this morning and had that challenge ON TOP of my already written story.

What I got surprised me. There are EIGHT stories to crit now!