Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Glimmer Train: Computer Says No

Rejection from GT

Dear Alex,

Although we won't be publishing this particular piece, we do thank you for sending "Conspiracy of Sticks". It was a good read. We're not able to give specific feedback, but please take a look at Editors' Input for some ideas. Again, we appreciate the opportunity to read your work!


Enjoyed this. Thank you.

I can live with that!

Made the final of one GT comp, it's a really tough market!

Have to send it out again (and send a story to GT too)


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The Boot Camp Diaries said...


I thought, "Right, I have a good story for the GT "Family Matters" comp and a good one for a standard sub. I'll send those TWO out now and show off, show the REAL MAN way to respond to rejections.

But they are closed until Sunday..."