Sunday, 25 March 2007

Laugh or Cry

PJ in LA

On 36 submissions for the month and the group still needing another 22 I thought I'd push on for a personal 40.

Years ago I had a story on BBC Radio 4 (Afternoon Story) but they stopped taking subs when they were running up to the Millenium. Maybe I had something right for them?

I looked at a story... hmmm extremely tight, oblique, 1700 words. loosen it a tad, make it more "comfortable" and remove the body fluids?

So I did the work, expanded nicely by 250 words, Perfick?

Well yes, if the original had indeed been 1700. It wasn't, it was 1400.

Hah! Still I now have a very different version of the original 1.4K story to send out.

Mind you I was so annoyed I found another story, this time it WAS near the right length, and reworked that (removed a few BBC No-No words. made the time-scale linear.) Sent it out.

it's 10:21 the second of my days off (cough) and I've created two new stories, using older work. I also found a poem begging to be a one-page story (I feel like I've invented a way of writing one-pagers) and that's gone out too.

Effectively that 3,650 new words today, and two subs!

And now my family is up. I have to take the recycling to the dump.


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