Saturday, 24 March 2007

Funny Old Morning

It's the weekend, I'm fading fast, and I have a photography gig this afternoon so no writing then. Saturday and Sunday are also the days when the primary Crits come in so I do a lot of admin.

Still I posted story prompts and poetry prompts and one part of the "BC Deal" is that if you post poetry prompts you have to write a poem.

I didn't fancy it (as I say, a bit drained) but simply having a go I got a good one out (well, good for where I'm at as a poet, I mean).

That fired me up and bugger me if I didn't respond to another prompt (the escape death one) and I wrote one about surviving Clapham and one specific "life-moment" that still comes back to me in dreams.


So I now have the drafts of two placeable poems. One might actually be GOOD.

Recap. That's two poems and two flashes on my day off.

I can live with that.

But the subs are low in Boot Camp and I'm kicking up a fuss there. Nobody going to help me reach the target? Then I'll do it on my fucking own! Grrrrrr.

I go to the "Comps Closing in March" thread and fire off two poems, then I see there's a one-page comp at Fish.

I usually send three items to a comp but at 12 Euros a throw that hurts, so in the last 2-3 years I haven't been subbing there.

Ah fuck it, I will.

But 250-worders?

I don't have any and usually when I write 250 or less it's very oblique, doesn't do well.

Light-bulb moment!! Ah-hah Finks Eye, go look at the poems.

A 150-word poem, turned back to prose? You already have the succinct POINT MADE, it's poetic, flowing. Why not simply turn the poem back to prose, give it flesh?

The result, two neat 250s sent off, and the best bit is Tom and MJ responded to the subs blast with 7 more subs and we're on 122/150

I absolutely LOVE it when BC takes off. The energy is like hard drugs and the work is way better,

Add in the fact that we've had 8 Stories, 11 Flashes, 12 Poems posted Thurs-Friday and this morning, 26 responses to the poems, 19 to the flashes and 19 full critiques/40 comments for the 8 stories.

and 11 subs this morning!

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