Sunday, 25 March 2007

a bc weekend

in amongst all my other life-stuff (family, work, you know, the normal stuff) it's been another bc weekend.

eight stories to crit, and i printed three off on friday. read 'em before bed - wine helps - made a note of my scores, left them 'til the morning to post.

got them up on site on staurday, plus a couple more that i read during the day.

wierd thing is, no matter how long you do this lark, every week throws up discussions.

this time i'm pretty much agreeing wth most people on most stories, but there's one in particular that i'm a good twenty marks at least from some other people (i'm saying badish, they're saying greatish)

and this is where the real work kicks in...

it's easy just to say 'i'm right, they;re wrong' and leave it, or even vice versa and just give it up. but going back, rereading the thing, trying to work out if I was right, or if - god forbid - everyone else was, that's the learning stuff.

that's the real work.

and that's what makes it worth it.

anyway, feeling guilty cos i've still got three stories left to crit, and i should be doing that, not this.

they'll get done by tomorrow, though.

like i said in my last post, writing a story is an obligation.

so's critting them.

it's also a pleasure (although, at times...)

oh, yeah, because of the subs drive at the minute, i managed another four subs over the weekend

i've got almost nothing left lingering on the hard drive

and that's good...

... because now i have to write some more.

oh yeah, the story i wrote in a mad hour just before deadline on Friday?

well, it's holding its own, getting better scores than i would've hoped for.

stuff i bang out in an hour now gets better scores/comments than some stuff i agonised over for weeks a couple of years back.

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