Friday, 23 March 2007

And the Poetry Prompts Are...

I CHALLENGE Caroline today, and you JOEL.

one of these, or the wrath of Khan

1 A poem with Magic, Beginner(s), Link, a colour.

2 A poem about infidelity that doesn't mention man, woman, husband, wife, or the infidelity

3 A poem or short poetic flash that incorporates and makes different, a nursery rhyme

4 Write a poem that inverts its meaning by the end.

5 Write a what-am-I poem (a poem that describes something and the reader has to work out what) One of these about an anchor, won Bridport one year.


1 comment:

Nightwriter said...

I'm still geting the hang of this blog stuff. I'm hoping that this was today's challenge??? If so I accept.