Friday, 23 March 2007

It's been a hell of a week. Lots of stuff going on to do with family. So what has that to do with Bootcamp and writing?
Well before I joined BC if I had a week like this one and they do come along every so often - I wouldn't have written a thing. I'd have taken the week off on the grounds that there was enough going on and I needed to be around to provide a listening ear and moral support.

Before I joined BC it was alarming how many weeks were like that - non writing weeks that is. Not anymore. This week I've written two poems and a monologue. Started writing a short story which by 9pm this evening will be a complete story. Submitted ten pieces (7 poems and 3 prose) for competitions or publication. Written crits of 3 stories and critted about 5 poems. Did I say I was having a bad week? Well in BC terms that is quite a low output especially the number of crits.The difference between Before BC (BBC) and After BC (ABC) is that now I wake up every morning thinking when am I going to get a chance to write today? When can I fit in five or ten minutes?


The Boot Camp Diaries said...


Whe I was a running coach (when I had knees) the same prinicples applied. It's easy for a day off to become a week off, a month off, even a year off, even "I used to write a bit"


als said...


my word count this month is pretty low

but it's double what i would've written before

and since new year i've written a story a week, at least 1,500 words each, some over three

plus all the subs

plus all the stories critted

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

I'm no different. The last two weeks has been dominated by medical stuff, my son's accident, three days in hospital, caring for him at home etc

And it would have been easy to "write-off" the fortnight as "one of those things"

In January I might have, but this month I was kicking ass to get BC back on track. I can hardly make excuses if I'm not listening to other people's!

The stories keep coming, the flashes keep coming, the poems keep coming. I know eventually the bubble will burst and I'll have a dry week or two, but then there's pleanty of rewriting, subbing and critting to do.