Friday, 23 March 2007

Early Start, More prompts

Woke at ten to six, AGAIN. Seems to happen more when I'm on a roll.

Posted prompts for Flashes in BC (at the end of this post) but it's primary Deadline Day. Every week at 21:00 Friday there's a deadline for posting a story. Post at 21:05, tough, you wait a week.

Stories go via a secretary, and often via a thrid party. (I mean John sends to Jill who posts to Lexie). This was only one person maximum knows who sent the story. The week's secretary gets anything from 4-12 stories and usually can't remember who sent what anyway. it's only occasionally that a story coming in early is remembered as coming from X (but of course X might have sent it is on behalf of Y).

Stories then come to me and are posted in Primaries.

The deadline is 2100 Friday but we sometimes post a few early. Four were posted last night and I've done a full critique and grid on all four. One of the stories already has three crits and six discussion posts.

Some of us start as early as we can because in BC we don't allow critique threads to drag on. We INSIST that every story gets at least eight crits by midnight Monday. That way we have critique days and thinking/writing days. Often a couple of stories will get their 8 crits or more in two days. this breaks up the BC thinking mode so we aren't always thinking about other people's stories. We drop into different modes.

it's interesting that different individuals are much keener on different prompt-posters. Some prompts seem to leave certain people cold, others are guaranteed to inspire a story.

The prompts (and the pressure) work. I have had at least half-a-dozen competition wins from the daily prompt.

Creatively awkward day for me. Have to spend over half a dayin the hospital with my son, and with getting ther, back I doubt if I'll be sitting down to write until 1600. Maybe that's why I woke early.

Luckily I've been working hard this month and have written 6 flashes, 6 stories, 8 poems, 1 craft article, and subbed 30 times. I can afford an imperfect day.


Just Zombies, trying to get by.


Eric stood in the parking lot for some time.


Eventually he exploded.


You better put on a hat, too.


The Garbage Wars


Going for Thirty Pages


His bathroom was splattered with blood, vomit, diahorrea


Three consecutive double-letters

Cheaper in America

Eric was night, Batu was day.

You should never burn down a house

The girl, Charley was the moon.

Jake's mother was a frog.

The man who fell in love with a lamppost

School exchange, Dachau

Hitler's Boy Band

I'm a big ship, with billowing sails

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