Sunday, 25 March 2007

To write, or not to write?

I have discovered I have big problems sitting still lately. Settling down to begin with an idea and an opening, I find myself drawn to the internet, the telly, the cricket world cup, some music websites, the emails, the online zine I'm trying to keep going (and now this blog!), and somehow writing slips and slips until it's another day gone and zero new words.

What makes it worse is right now I seem to be in decent form, producing good first drafts which are doing relatively well in primaries. How I wish I could be prolific and decent... it's usually one or the other and now the muse is coy. Maybe I should teach Writing Avoidance Techniques.

Interestingly, I have some good "ideas", or openings to use, but I think I'm scared to commit them to paper where they might turn to shit... as long as they live in my head, they are genius. It's only once I start to write them down that I see how feeble they become.

Right, that's it. Time to JFDI.

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