Thursday, 22 March 2007

first time

never blogged, but i always post a daily rant on bc. so this will just take the place of it. so, my bc experience today/ ak posted a challenge to write a poem in 30 minutesor be subjected to live writing - actually i quite fancied the idea of a bit of live, but i took the coward's way out and wrote a rubbish poem.

still, first new words i've written since friday, so that's good

primaries, for the first time in months, might be missing a story from me, unless i can get my act together and write something in an hour or so tomorrow.


i have a life outside bc, and i have to do other stuff, and i'm pissed off that writing - this week at least - has taken a back seat

but i still managed some submissions to comps and ezines, a couple of rewrites of old stories, and of course one rubish poem

so i can still continue to pretend i am a 'writer for another day...

oh, and i finished the first book i've enjoyed for months and months last night - ...Cuckoo's Nest, which had a good ending, unlike almost every other book i';ve read in god knows how long...

how do you end a blog entry...

like this , i suppose.


The Boot Camp Diaries said...

ALS? Sounds like a tyre company.

Tell me you didn't post a maybe when there's 24 Hours to the deadline.

Tell me what you're going to write and I'll double it.



The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Do you mean One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?