Friday, 23 March 2007

Chuffed, but then Durty Work Afoot

I did all my BC admin this morning, the school run, the station run, AND managed a 1300 word story and a sub before 0900.

I'm just about to leave when THIS is posted at BC, a challenged specifically for me!

Here are some recent google headlines. Write a poem AND a flash (under 500 words). They both must be based on the SAME headline, but each must include at least two other, different ones that the other doesn't use.

The Galloping Major, goalscoring goalies and a flying elephant

Take a look at the bulbous rear on the Toledo

Giants Defeat Champions

Cracks in the facade

Drugs grandmother in tent threat

After Sopranos

Sub Accident Kills 2

Police hunt bloodstained attacker

Ireland relishing Windies

Filipino vets miss families

Chinese pair seal golden hat-trick

By midnight (and no, spending half the day in hospital with PJ won't be accepted as an excuse. Take along paper and pen and make him help).

Accept this challenge or ... or ... or ... I'll be rather cross.

You think you can fucking beat ME?

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