Saturday, 24 March 2007

Running and writing. Not at the same time

Strange how the two go together for me. Spring has come early here, normally I don't get to see the grass until May. Today though its brilliant sunshine and hot. Well, ten degrees, so I went for a run by the sea and came back buzzing.

With endorphins flooding my bloodstream wrote a couple of crits, one of which more or less agreed with those already posted and one which created a twenty point split. I like splits. They're the most fun and the most educational. I think I'm getting pretty good at judging what a story will score, particularly my own, so its always surprising when I'm a luvvit or slappit.

This is the third saturday running when I've woken up knowing my sub is probably going to get an average of between 95-100ish , because this is the third week running when I've written it a few of hours before the deadline. On the one hand I'm quite pleased I can bash out a story so quick and still reach middling competence, on the otherhand it's frustrating to know that it isn't going to be one that smashes me previous record high. And at the moment everyone seems to be scoring 110 pluses in primaries, something I've only ever managed twice in a year, which pisses me off and inspires me at the same time.

I seem to be going through phases, at the start of the year I was laddish, then I went Hispanic, then I went cartoon and now I'm being accused of womag. God forbid, I ever go down that road. i'm must be one of the least womag people on the planet, but I suppose this is me still floundering around for my voice. At the moment i'm reading Saul Bellow, so next weeks voice will probably be pseudo Jewish....

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The Boot Camp Diaries said...

JP, why not write about a Jewish guy searching for a Silver Dish in Sao Paolo, and he gets the dish

but then it all turns out to have been a dream!