Saturday, 31 March 2007

Hidden Squalor!

We have three people away this weekend so the eight-crits rule will be hard to enforce. We had one early story in primaries (already cleared with its "8" and then six fresh stories last night, some of which I couldn't post until ten, and one I posted this morning.

But the gang has done me proud and we have 8-5-5-5-4-2 crits already (Noon Saturday)

and remember these are critiques, not 1-2 line casual comments.

At Kingfisher Barn, Deb likes to keep things a bit more than tidy.

(She woke up once on an operating table and started complaining the place was filthy...)

We've got a family room and a posh front room, and just off this, the other side of those three stained-glass windows, is my office.

There is one room in this house that's MY responsibility.

Well today I :

1 couldn't find any of the poertry journals I'd published in.

2 couldn't find my stash of US stamps to put on SASE's for a pile of US subs I have ready

3 couldn't find my chair

I wouldn't say the room was untidy but my Mrs thinks it's like Beirut on a particularly bad day

Anyway, I have shamed myself into cleaning it up. See next blog entry and play spot the book.


Tom Conoboy said...

You couldn't find your chair? In that office? How can you mislay a chair in an office that's only six feet wide??

The Boot Camp Diaries said...

Hey the office is wider than that

it's just that it has bookcases all round

Tom Conoboy said...

how many layers?

Alex Keegan said...

is that layers of dust (many)

or did you mean are there books behind books (yes)