Sunday, 25 March 2007

Early Start Plenty of Prompts

Did you remember to put ypur clocks forward?

Here are today's Boot Camp prompts.

some good ones today

The Prompts

In some ways I still don't

The difference between a mandarin and a tangerine

Three Consecutive Numbers

Confuscius he say "Woman who cook potatoes and pees in same pot, dirty cow"

The quadratics of hate


The History Boys

Covered in Mud

The Man Who Put the Stars There is Going Home and Wants Them Back

Notes from the Metro

A Million Writers

The act of love lies somewhere between the belly and the mind..

Ten Million Pixels

How blue a blue do you do?

Drop the Rhino

Death by Piano

in Key West so beautiful people come to see


dark glasses cheap make-up

OK OK All right already

and alone, waiting, still in the dark

Couple in Amber

The keyboard that read minds


Soundsticks, sound, sticks, sound sticks.

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