Saturday, 24 March 2007

Joining in

Finally managed to figure out how to contribute to the blog, so here I am.

I've had a slightly sticky time writing-wise this year. In January and February I only managed 9,000 words of new writing each (plus 13k and 14k words of crits and various rewriting) which is lower than I want. But in the past couple of weeks it's starting to fire up again and I've written a few things I'm happy with.

The important thing for me is that, during that lull, the BC experience kept me going. I know what I'm like - I get enthusiasms, such as playing guitar and so on, and I do it for a while but then I hit a sticky patch (like doing barre chords) and gradually do less and less. After a while that becomes nothing, because there's no-one to cajole you, shout at you for not practicing enough, getting stuck in. I haven't touched the guitar in over a year.

But, during this two month sticky patch I still wrote 18,000 words. Without BC, I probably would have done 5,000 or so in January and nothing at all in February.

That's what keeps you going - the team spirit, the idea we're in it together.

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