Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Keegan is Going Soft?

I have just updated the Primary Stats for the Year

84 Stories; The average mark is 96. The average given by me is 99!!

I made no slappits, even when I scored a story 60

I have given top score TWENTY times (24%)... One Luvvit.

(A luvvit is an extremely favourable crit that stands alone. It will have the top mark for an element either 8 or 9 times out of 9 and will be a significant distance from the group average)

4 Stories had less than eight crits, but some or all of those were probably withdrawn early...

The average number of crits was 8.67

13 stories had a Luvvit (16%)

12 stories had a slappit (15%)

(A slappit is where someone "disses" a story but their reaction is obviously extreme. It shows up as 8/9 or 9/9 bottom element scores. This comes about usually because the critter "loses it" or takes offence at all or part of the story or double/treble penalises.)

One thing we teach in BC is that undisciplined critiques often polarise incorrectly. I call it critting on a razxor's edge. Good stories are suddenly "great" under-par stories are suddenly "crap". The truth is rarely that extreme.

Two stories managed a luvvit AND a slappit.

To get these extreme-crits into proportion, just 25 from 702 are "off" (3.5%)

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