Saturday, 24 March 2007

A Shock to the System

If you've been reading this blog, and AK's Boot Camp blog, maybe you'll be forgiven for thinking AK has written a few thousand words a day, every day, all month.

Well, I thought I had!

In fact, what has happened? Well, the kids were away for 2.5 days so Debs and I grabbed the chance for a weekend, hotel stay, nice meals, watched a football match. That's two days out. Then there was the injury to my son, a trip to casualty (another day, total 3)... then he had to go back, be a bed-patient, have an operation (4), then yesterday I lost six hours at the hospital, say 4.5 days.

Of course there are craft threads I run. a couple of blogs, and I usually have two or three paid critiques a month through Alex Keegan Literary Services (see my website). Then there are all the stories in BC to critique, collate, post spreadsheets etc.

Nevertheless I would have BET that this month I have averaged 1,500 words a day MINIMUM.

My word-count?

18,148 Words in 24 Days

750 Words a Day.


if that's all I've written, and I'm working feverishly, obsessively, what have YOU written?

Don't guess. COUNT.

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