Thursday, 22 March 2007

Another Story

I meant to add, after all this is The Boot Camp Diary...

that I was really worried that I wouldn't get a story out today (all that earlier stuff was bravado) but I managed it, a cool 1,700 worder to go with three poems.

BC has weekly and fortnightly deadlines, not compulsory, but most manage one story per fortnight. The deadlines have a way of sharpening the mind. This one did for me, but not as much as posting here to say I would "definitely" write one.

In the past I've run various "Blasts" (for example at East of the Web where the blast was brilliantly successful... people surprised themselves and discovered they could write 5-10 times what they thought they could write)

and "Children in Need" (twice now) where people write a story every hour for up to 30 Hours non-stop. Flashes from those sessions are still placing.

So TRY IT. Get a couple of buddies and challenge each other. 500 words before looking at the internet or calling up your emails, 1,000 words a day from now until the end of April... a flash every day or a story every other day.

All it takes is the commitment.

Stop stupid chat on monster threads about giving up smoking (in a writers forum) and how everyone loves each other (and pretending not to notice those nasty flamers who are only "expressing themselves"... try WORKING, and then you might get a hit rate approaching BC's


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