Friday, 23 March 2007

A Paying Hit

A hit posted at BC this morning

...story from CiN night, has been taken by GlassFire.

It's a cent a word, so I make $8...

Yet another Children in Need flash places, and it's paying...

These blasts really work.

We log hits carefully in Boot Camp. That's 35 Hits and two "Notes" this year.

Every hit is a boost for every member. Incidentally we DON'T gush all over posts that mention hits. Usually I post "wd TC" to acknowledge.

The members may not be full time writers but in my eyes they are professionals.

When I see adulatory posts on sites, threads half a mile long where people want the writer's baby because he has a flash in "My Best Friend's Ezine" I want to cry.

Expect a lot of hits from BC in May.


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